Nano Kitchen Sink/PVD sink

Types of Nano Kitchen Sink

Chica provides different manufacturing process in a variety of styles to choose from: press sink, handmade and workstation kitchen sinks.

Popular Colors

Chica offers popular colors in line with interior design trends: Gun Metal or Black, Gold and Copper

Benefits of Nano Kitchen Sinks

Stylish and colourful design

Scratch resistanc

Acid resistanc



Inalterability of the surface

Our Finish Options

새틴 마감

This type of finish uses wire drawing equipment to draw repeatedly on the surface of the sink. The process is equivalent to the grinding machine processing in mechanical processing.

Sandy Finish

Sandy finish is with a sandy look on the base of satin finish. This process is to hit fine sand on the surface of the sink before applying the PVD coating, it comes out with the sink more scratch-resistant than the ordinary brushed sink.

Why choose Chica PVD Sinks?

Chica PVD sinks adopt advanced Nano technology, which is a process used to create a very durable, corrosion and tarnish finish.

Nano titanium technology adds stunning colours and anti-bacterial properties to a typical stainless steel sink.

The main mechanical characteristics of PVD sinks are: high superficial hardness, up 10 times more than regular stainless steel and high resistance to scratch and abrasion.


Chica PVD sinks are offered in three main colors: Gun Metal or Black, Gold and Copper; and we also have other color options as per our clients’s special requiement.

PVD sinks is adopting an innovative technology that results in an excellent metal film deposition on the regular stainless steel sink. PVD is a new evolution for sinks as it makes an extra layer on the surface of the sink, as a result, makes the sinks more scratch-resistant and with a premium look.

Chica PVD sinks using the advanced Nano coating technology, which guarantees inalterability of the surface and coloring from UV rays and practically unbeatable corrosion resistance.

The PVD coating also resist better to salts, acids and aggressive detergent products present in the domestic environment.

Sure. We can send you the sample chips or a whole sink if you need it.

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