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Accesorios para fregaderos compuestos de granito

stainless steel sink

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Granite composite sinks are the currently trending kitchen sinks. This is because granite sinks are durable and blend into the kitchen environment.

This sink is strong due to its composite material, granite stone dust, and acrylic resins. There are different types and designs of granite composite sinks. This is due to the variety of companies that produce them.

You can fit accessories to fregaderos compuestos de granito. These fittings improve the functional side of this appealing sink.

This article sheds more light on these fixtures. Here you learn the different types of accessories and their functions.

Accesorios para fregaderos compuestos de granito

1. Bottom Grid

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Sink grids, also termed basin racks, are a handy accessory to fit in your granite composite sink. There are three kinds of grids; Elevated grids, floating grids, and bottom grids. These grids improve the granite composite sinks in both aesthetics and function.

Bottom grids are durable. Some functions they perform include;

  • Reducing the sound made by kitchen utensils when they hit the bottom of the sink. Kitchen utensils hitting the bottom of the sink make an unpleasant sound. Using Bottom Grid, the sound is non-existent as falling pots/utensils do not connect with the sink.
  • Protect the sink from mechanical injury. This injury to the sink results when dishes and cookware scratches the surface. Nobody likes a sink with ground and untidy surface as it reflects in low light on the owner. Bottom grids ensure your granite sink lasts longer while remaining in good condition.
  • They provide more surface area in an otherwise cramped kitchen. They could serve as space where you keep washed glasses to dry.
  • The bottom grid provides a safe space for rinsing vegetables. It keeps the vegetables off the sink floor while allowing water to run over them.

Generally, the bottom sink grid makes the sink easier to clean. It reduces the kitchen workload while helping to maintain its beauty.

Made from stainless steel, bottom sink grids are easy to maintain and are durable. After use, you could detach the grid from the sink and clean it, ensuring no particles remain on the surface.

2. Strainers

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A strainer is an accessory that protects the drainage system in the sink area from clogging. Strainers, with the aid of a screen, filter out solid debris from the water system. The screen comes in different mesh sizes and types. The sizes take into consideration the various dimensions of kitchen sink waste. Let us look at the different types of strainers that fit right into the granite sink.

  • Basket strainers: A basket strainer is a basket-shaped perforated material. It helps filter water waste for solid particles. What differentiates a basket strainer from another is the mesh size of the screen.

Made from stainless steel, plastic, or a combination of both materials. The composite material of a strainer determines its durability.

Maintaining a basket strainer is easy. It involves checking the screen from time to time to remove accumulated debris. Regular checks ensure the basket strainer lasts longer before total replacement becomes necessary.

  • Pop-up Drain: Pop-up drains are the trending kind of kitchen sink strainers. With this strainer, water remains in the sink. It only leaves when you activate the pop-up mechanism, which allows water to flow out.

You start the mechanism by pressing down on the drain cover. This form of the strainer is suitable for areas where water resources are not abundant. Do you deal with granite sink accessories? are you looking to renovate your kitchen sink with a Pop-up drain?

Standards for Strainers

The enforcement of compliance with these standards is what differentiates regions and countries. Australia has high standards in matters of production and certification of tapware.

There are two standards for the strainer, they ae the Australian standard and the other standards.

Australian Standard

This also known as the watermark standard. Hence, any tapware without this watermark certification is illegal within Australia and New Zealand.

What is the WaterMark standard?

It is a product of quality-certification-mark owned by the Australian Standard body. (Standards Australia). This mark provided by independent certifying authorities is Australia’s mark of quality.

WaterMark tapware products undergo testing to meet quality standards, health, and safety requirements.

Some of these requirements include

  • Dezincification resistant Brass (DR Brass) for brass taps. These taps are heavier and tolerate acidic water better.
  • Make products from non-toxic materials
  • The product does not return used water into the main water channel
  • The product tolerates high water pressure

How do you know a Tapware that meets the Australian standard?

A standardized tapware should have the WaterMark logo on the packaging. The license number must also appear on the product. If these logos or license numbers are not exact, check with the supplier for the WaterMark status.

The Other Standards

These regulations have no restriction in any other country.

There are different types of pop-up drains available, but very few are standard. When purchasing tapware, you need to consider quality, durability, and health standards. Other countries and continents have their standards.


    3. Drying Rack

    This accessory helps you maximize the sink space. It also makes more space available in the kitchen. A dish-drying rack simplifies your kitchen. It gives you a place to set clean dishes and utensils to air dry.

    Dish drying racks hold plates and bowls in an upright position. The frame protects the dishes from scratches or chips. This ensures the kitchen is tidy and dishes arranged.

    There are three types of drying racks. The best rack for you is dependent on your sink and countertop.

    • Countertop drying rack: If you have space beside your granite sink, this drying rack is the best. It is a self-contained unit making it easy to pick, move, and store. It does not need special installation procedures.
    • Behind-the-sink drying rack. This drying rack is best if you have countertop space behind your sink.
    • In-Sink drying rack: This form of drying rack only works when you have two sinks. You can place the frame on one of the sinks. There is no need to worry about drainage since wet dishes drip into the sink. One major demerit of this system is transferring the rack when you want to use both sinks.

    Factors to consider when choosing a drying rack

    There are several kinds of drying racks; knowing the best one for your kitchen is principal. Some factors to consider when buying a drying rack includes;


    The durability of a drying rack is dependent on its composite material. There are three primary materials for making drying racks, they include;

    • Stainless steel: Drying racks made from this material are durable. High-quality shelves contain 304 stainless steel with high rust resistance.

    You should note that this material can still rust if not maintained. Ensure you wipe down your rack after heavy use to prevent rust.

    • Vinyl-Coated Wire: This is an excellent alternative to stainless steel racks. The vinyl coat protects your dishes and kitchen utensils from mechanical injury. This rack is rust-resistant and easy to maintain.
    • El plastico: Plastic racks mean racks that contain plastic accessories like cutlery holders. This type of drying rack is lightweight, and dish scratching is non-existent. If this rack gets dirty, you could wash with soap and water.


    Since we place wet dishes on the rack for drying, the shelf’s water drainage is essential. In-sink racks do not need a drainage system because the water from the plates in the rack drip into the sinkhole.

    Countertop and behind-the-sink racks need a drainage system. This ensures that the sink area does not get messy. Ensure to go for racks with side-drainage channels that drip into your sink.

    Other features

    These daysracks do a lot more than hold plates. Some other features you need to look out for include;

    • Extendable drying trays
    • Microfiber mat
    • Cup holder attachments

    4. Soap/Lotion Dispenser

    A cleaning agent is a need in every kitchen, whether needed to wash the hands or wipe the counter. This makes a soap/lotion dispenser a vital accessory to add to your granite sink. Fixed soap dispensers make washing up at the sink easier. Since there is always a lot to do in the kitchen, a soap dispenser, operated with a single hand is functional. Soap dispensers are easy to use. One push pump out the soap.

    Soap dispensers come in different designs and styles. This is to compliment the tapware and other accessories already attached to the sink. They are also easy to install and replace.

    General Maintenance of Kitchen Sink Accessories

    To get good value for money spent, maintaining these accessories is necessary. How do you sustain these accessories?

    • By keeping metallic surfaces dry when not in use. This reduces the tendency to rust. You should wipe accessories like the bottom grid and racks after use.
    • Ensure you check the screen in the strainer often to prevent clogging
    • Check the level of soap in the dispenser to ensure optimal levels.


    A granite sink is a beautiful piece of kitchenware. It is not very functional without its accessories. Accesorios like strainers, grids, soap dispensers, and drying racks improve the sink functions.

    When buying a fregadero compuesto de granito, ensure the sink accommodates these accessories. This makes sure your kitchen is tidy and hygienic. It also keeps sink and dishes safe from mechanical injuries.

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