Meet Our Executive Team

Our leaders at Chica Dragon exemplify all of the qualities that make our employee extraordinary: integrity, expertise, and a commitment to service.

team member- Luis

Luis Wong

Chief Executive Officer

"People only really flourish when they are able to work as a team."

As CEO, Luis’s focus is to enhance the performance of the kitchen sinks business to benefit clients, employees, and the local community. He believes the kitchen sinks deserve sustainable production and value-added accessories. Luis has established himself as a strong and successful leader, serving as a chief operating officer during 2008 and playing a leading role in the growth of the Chica Dragon’s kitchen sinks business in Foshan, Guangdong, China.

Prior to that role, he served as a loyal leader, as well as an easy-going mentor to all staffs. Today, he is overseeing the creation of new kitchen sinks possibilities, he is building up a supply chain to better serve our clients, and he is leading the local economy through a significant organic and acquisition-based growth.

team member- Stella

Stella Lee

General Manager

"Kitchen sink is about inventing, experimenting, breaking rules, and having fun."

Formerly a strong partner in an international sales department, Stella leads Chica Dragon’s global sales team, including employee training, customer relationship, order management, and company culture building. Years of experience in the kitchen sink profession provided her with a knowledge that allows her to comprehend clients’ requirements. Subsequently, she became an expert in senior coordination of kitchen sink design, manufacturability, and after-sales care across all clients and industries.

Building fruitful cooperation between all employees, Stella is enthusiastic and excited to get sustainability and creativity involved. She makes an important contribution to improving things, making them easier and more efficient—all leading to a one-stop solution with value-added services.

team member- Artemis

Artemis Kuang

Product Specialist

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

Artemis is the website operation of Chica Dragon.

She holds several positions. On the one hand,she responsible for the operations of the website which including website backend operation and update the blog page.

On the other hand, she is also a product expert responsible for the company’s marketing.

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