Case Study: Granite Composite Sink Program

granite composite sink

Chica Dragon helps a US wholesale customer complete the sales growth by developing a new product.


Our customer reached us on our website when he wanted to explore his product line. He would like to develop a new product to increase the company’s turnover. We successfully helped him complete the sales growth by creating a new mould of 33-inch double bowl granite composite sink. 


Our customer needed a new design for this model, one that would address three critical issues:

  1. They needed a customized look for this product to have more sensory appeal at retail while using black colours and overall cost savings.
  2. The materials required to be in food-grade, which match the needs of their brand.
  3. The overall design of this 33″ double bowl granite composite sink had to make with custom moulding and materials during production.


By partnering with Chica Dragon for granite sink, our customer transformed his design idea in a final, eye-catching design with a black matte finish, creating a high performance and sophisticated kitchen sinks solution. The granite composite sink features the possibility of longer shelf life without chips and decolourization, while without losing the utility of conventional sinks.

How We Did It

Customer-first is our value in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirement of flexibility in a granite composite sink. We changed the sink radius into R15, and move the drain hole position to the back. As a result, increase the cabinet’s usage space, and the water pipe is better installed against the wall, which allows the water to flow quickly and makes effective use of the space.

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