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I am the website operation of Chica Dragon.                   

I hold several positions. On the one hand, I responsible for the operations of the website which including website backend operation and update the blog page.

On the other hand, I am also a product expert responsible for the company’s marketing.

When I first joined Chica, I was in a sales position. With the deepening of product knowledge and the needs of the company’s development, my current position is Website Operation and Product Manager.

I specialized in Stainless Steel Sink and Granite Composite Sink. These are the two main products in our company too.

I love the designs of our products, about every detail. I always talked to the engineer Mr.Chen in our workshop for a whole day. And he often said, “Artemis, if you are not in charged of the export business, maybe you will know the product better than me.”I feel proud of our products too.


I have two lovely daughters for my personal life, and I will take them to the public park on weekends.

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Email: [email protected]

Whats’App: +86 159 162 99 474

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