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Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Manufacturers in New Zealand

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Manufacturers in New Zealand

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Getting the right stainless steel sink is very important, especially if you’re going to be placing a large order. If you started to shop for sink manufacturers in New Zealand, you are probably aware that you have many choices about who to work with for this kind of order. Being sure that you’re working with a company that creates durable and well-made sinks is important, and so is getting access to the right customer service experience.

These quality stainless steel sink manufacturers in New Zealand are perfect for those who are looking to get the best sinks at great prices with excellent customer support. Being able to narrow down your decision-making to the best sink manufacturers in New Zealand can save you so much time and effort during your sink-buying process.

If you are ready to find out more about the best stainless steel sink manufacturers in New Zealand, you should keep reading.

Best Sink Manufacturers in New Zealand

1. Trade Depot

The sink maker is 100% kiwi owned, and they make some of the best sinks in New Zealand.  Trade Depot has years of experience working with those in the construction and home improvement industries, which means that they are quite knowledgeable about the design benefits and the right processes that need to be used to make stainless steel sinks.

This is the right place to order from if you are looking for quality workmanship, a great ordering process, and a large selection of quality sinks to choose from. Being able to support a 100% local company is another big benefit to working with this business.

2. Place Makers

This business is the retail arm of a huge company that is one of the leading developers and makers of construction materials and hardware in New Zealand. You can count on this company for the highest quality sinks as well as fast and easy ordering processes and more. You will have a great shopping experience here since they offer so many unique makes and designs of sinks, and you can trust that they will be delivered right away and in great condition when your order is completed.

3. Valoré 

Valore is a company that has more than forty years of experience in the kitchen construction space. They know their way around stainless steel sink design, and you can count on them to deliver a quality sink that is made to last. Their customer service is really excellent, and you can easily order the number of sinks that you need and have them delivered fast. 

This company also sells in many different markets, so they are familiar with the right kind of sink products for any geographic location that you are planning to order for.

4. NZ Homeware

NZ Homeware offers you the best quality sinks with an excellent showroom that you can visit if you wish to see the products in person before you place your order. This is one of the best companies to buy from in New Zealand due to the wide array of products that they make, and you will have a really fast and efficient ordering experience when you choose to work with them.

When looking for practical and durable sinks that are made for a variety of unique applications, this is the right company to shop with.

5. Acera

Acera is a company that has been in business since the 1800s. They have years of experience in the home and construction industries, and they know how to advise you when ordering sinks for a variety of different applications. From sinks that are made for practical applications to sinks that are intended to be beautiful as well as functional, there is no better company to work with for your order.

Due to the size of this business, you will get the right personalized treatment that you have been looking for, as well as really quick order turnaround times.

6. Mico

Mico is the largest plumbing and kitchen, and bathroom specialty company in NZ. They know what designs of stainless steel sinks need to be sold into each kind of market that they work with, and you can count on them for durable and well-crafted sink products. This company adds new inventory with special design notes every year, and they can guide your buying process with ease.

There are few companies anywhere in the world with the level of experience that this company can offer, and you will have a great experience when working with them for your sink order.

7. Chica Dragon (China)


Chica Dragon makes some of the finest stainless steel sink products in the industry. Ordering from them is very easy, and you can count on reliable customer service that is catered to your specific needs. With experience selling in many markets, Chica Dragon has the ability to get you connected with the right sink products that are durable, and that will look beautiful in any application.

There are few sink makers in the business with so much experience, and working with Chica Dragon makes it simple for you to get the exact right sink products without having to worry about them being shipped to you or having to guess about their quality.

Stainless Steel Sink Shopping in New Zealand Can be Easy

If you have been struggling to know where to start with your sink shopping experience in New Zealand, this guide will give you the right selection of stainless steel sink companies to work with to find what you have been looking for. These skilled and experienced sink manufacturers offer the best sink products in the business and understand the market in New Zealand perfectly. You will not have to worry that you are getting the right sinks for your needs when you buy from any of these companies.

Being sure that you are working with the right business can make all the difference when you need to order stainless steel sinks, and this guide will take the guesswork out of your sink shopping process.

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