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Best Stainless Steel Sink Suppliers in Jamaica

Best Stainless Steel Sink Suppliers in Jamaica

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Getting the right stainless steel sinks for your needs can be tough when you don’t know where to shop. You will want to be certain that you can get the best quality stainless steel sink, and you will need to be able to count on fast and reliable shipping and careful construction for your order. This is not possible when working with all sink makers, which is why knowing who to buy from is a good idea.
When shipping for sinks in Jamaica, these quality sink suppliers can help you get the sinks you want. Stainless steel sinks are popular in many applications, which means that sourcing a quality sink made of this material is important. If you aren’t sure where to order your stainless steel sinks, you need to check out these great options.

Jamaica Plumbing Supplies

With two locations in Jamaica, one at Kingston and one in Portmore, this sink maker offers access to kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as fittings and more. You can trust this company to work with you to get the sink order you have been looking for. You can reach out to them six days a week, and their excellent customer service.
This is a great company for sinks of various styles and designs that are made with care. There are few companies anywhere that offer such high-quality products, and you will be glad that you have chosen to work with Jamaica Plumbing Supplies if you have been looking for quality sinks without success.


Rayton has been in business for more than twenty years. This company has a long history of quality importing and shipping services that are paired with excellent sinks. Rayton supplies hotels, restaurants, offices, and more, and you can trust their manufacturing process to create beautiful and durable sinks that will be perfect for any need.
Rayton also makes a lot of other home appliances and products, so they know how to create sinks for home and garage use as well. You can trust this company to offer superior customer service, as well as well-crafted sinks of the highest quality.

Total Hardware & Supplies

Total Hardware & Supplies makes a wide array of well-made stainless steel sinks. You can get double sinks, undermount sinks, and more with ease when you choose to work with this company. Their customer service team is excellent, and they make sure that your order arrives in good condition and on time.
Their sinks are also offered at a wide range of price points which makes them ideal for those who are ordering with a specific budget. This is a sink company that takes all of its manufacturing processes very seriously and does not leave out a single part of the process of finishing work and inspection. You will have a really smooth and seamless experience when you work with this company in Jamaica.

Active Home Centre

Active Home Centre stands behind all of their orders, and they make it easy to get the right sink order placed and get it delivered correctly and promptly for your needs. This company makes a wide array of products, and they can be trusted to offer you access to a full catalog of stainless steel sink products that are ideal for all kinds of purposes.
This company is always improving on previous models, and they make sure that they never miss a chance to make better sinks. This is a great choice for unique sinks and other products that are not standardly offered by companies that deal in limited sink supplies.

Unique Living

This company takes pride in quality sinks that are basic in nature but durable and well-crafted to hold up to years of use. Their various products are perfect for all kinds of applications, and you can trust them to get your order processed and delivered on time. If you have the need for any particular sink style or shape, they can make it easy for you to get the sinks that you have been looking for.
This company also makes a wide array of other home products, so their manufacturing process is quick and reliable when it comes to quality control. Like the other companies in this guide, you can trust Unique Living to offer great customer service and support for your order as well.

Chica Dragon (China)


Few stainless steel sink makers are as good at their job as Chica Dragon. You can trust Chica Dragon to offer you access to the sink styles you have been looking for, and few companies use such careful and effective manufacturing processes. You can get all kinds of mounting styles with your sink order from Chica Dragon, as well as unique designs that other companies do not make.
The customer service experience at Chica Dragon is excellent as well, so you can get the help that you need with your order from start to finish. If you want to be sure that you are getting the best sinks for your money, Chica Dragon is the right choice for you to make.

Stainless Steel Sinks Are Essential in Many Markets

There are many markets that require that stainless steel sinks are picked to complete kitchen or bathroom jobs. These are highly durable and well-crafted products that can hold up to all kinds of use and abuse with ease. There are few sink materials that are this practical, which means that choosing stainless steel for your sink order is almost always the way to go.
If you have been uncertain about who to order stainless steel sinks from in Jamaica, you need to use this guide to help you to get connected with the right sink supplier for your needs. This is a market that offers lots of choices, but these are the best sink makers to work with in Jamaica.

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