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How to Know the Inspection standards for granite composite sink?

granite composite sink

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Everyone wants an assurance that they are buying the best products. Even if it’s a certificate to show the “tested and trusted” sign. Granite composite sink brands stand out due to their strict adherence to production standards. They undergo an inspection from international standard organizations.

The standards for these evaluations are in Quality and environmental management. Then, the brands get a certificate to show that they have attained a quality level in their products.

The standard is that a  granite composite sink must systematically improve environmental management. It does not state a specific environmental performance criterion. The company producing the item must ensure it conforms to standard ecological policies.

They tend to enhance the product’s performance with the environment. In this article, we will show you how to know a granite sink’s inspection standard. 

This write up is only informative and is in no way authoritative. All inquiries should thus go to the respective websites of the certifying bodies.

What are the Certifications and Standards? 

These are guarantees and tests that show how authentic the kitchen sink is. You know, we can’t import any kitchen without ensuring that it’s top quality. At least if we want to keep our customers. Here are some of them.

ISO 14001:2015 

This standard specifies the requirements for an environmental system. This implies that the product will have a direct effect on the environment. The production company uses it to improve the performance of the product (sink) 

ISO 14001:2015 is binding on the brand to dish out wares that will sustain the environment. It doesn’t give specific criteria or requirements.

To meet this certification, the sink must meet these expectations

  • Fulfillment of compliant obligations
  • Achievement of the environmental aim
  • Enhancement of environmental performance 

EN 13310:2015 Kitchen Sinks – functional requirements and tests

This standard gives the requirements and tests for sinks intended for domestic purposes. It guarantees that you’ll get a satisfactory performance during installation. This must be according to the manufacturer’s guide. 

ISO 9001:2015 Kitchen Sinks – functional requirements and tests

This certificate shows that you have attained the requirements for quality management. It gives specific conditions with need to prove your ability for customer satisfaction. Also, it strives to please the customer by applying effective improvement processes.

It assures a buyer that the brand conforms to customer statutory requirements. The stipulations of the ISO 9001:2015 are binding on any brand no matter the size. It shows that whatever product they have will meet your standards as a client.

UNI EN 13310: 2018

It states the functional characteristics that must be present in a granite sink. It also defines the test methods and types for sinks used at home. The symbol for this certificate is a CE marking on the product.

BS EN 695: 2005

This standard describes the connecting dimensions for kitchen sinks made for domestic uses. It applies to all brands no matter the material used in the manufacturing process.

UNI 1116: 2018

This standard defines organizing sizes for kitchen units, furniture, and countertops. It also includes nice panels and appliances, e.g., kitchen sinks, white goods, and ovens.

The certificate covers the requisite sizes of installation elements and recess paneling.

UPC/cUPC – Uniform Plumbing Code or Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code

One of the most important certifications in the North American sink market is the UPC/cUPC. The Uniform Plumbing code takes care of products in the US. In Canada, the Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code oversees this standard. The code certifies that plumbing materials are safe for use within these countries.

Most residential construction end users ask for it before for the supply of sinks. Also, commercial projects need for every plumbing product before authorizing its use. The code governs the installation and production inspection of plumbing systems. it also helps to ensure it conforms to environmental guidelines.

Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

You should check for the CoC when ordering for granite kitchen sinks. It usually states that the product meets the required standard of customer satisfaction. The issuers include an independent laboratory or manufacturer/supplier.

As a buyer, you have the right to request the CoC to be sure that a product has passed all the necessary tests.They include technical and safety measures given by an authorized body or a state. It’s a mandatory certification in the US. it’s for brands that manufacture or distribute kitchen sinks.

When Should I Request for a CoC?

The point is, some products present high risks to the environment. And these wares may meet or touch human food items. But, they are handy in a delicate area like the kitchen. You can see that the risk of contamination is high, so you want to be certain of the materials’ safety.

For instance, the manufacturing process of a granite kitchen sink should be safe.  it should also contain harmless components. More so, it should not have any cracks whatsoever and must have passed the heat resistance test. Failure in any of these may endanger the lives of the end-users.

You can imagine what will happen when your kitchen sink cracks or breaks under a hot pot. It could lead to severe injuries or even loss of life. Hence, you should request for a CoC 

In this certificate, the supplier/manufacturer indicates that the product is safe. Also, that it conforms to a set of laid down requirements.

In cases involving granite kitchen sinks, batch CoC would suffice for a whole supply.

Where Will I Need a CoC?

You need a CoC for the customs clearance on different groups of imported products in most countries. It is also known as the Certificate of Compliance. The authorities request it to ensure the goods follow its regulations. The system has the right to seize or destroy the products if you don’t provide a CoC 

How Does a CoC Look?

The contents of a CoC includes

  • Product Name or Identification
  • Product description for all the goods covered by the CoC
  • Rundown of the requirements and safety rules the product must meet
  • Identity of the Manufacturer/supplier/importer – this should include

· Name of the Manufacturer/supplier/importer

· Full mailing address

· Telephone numbers of Importer or American company producing/certifying it

  • Contact information of the body in charge of the test result

· Name of the body that maintains the result supporting the certification

· Full mailing address

· Telephone numbers

  • Manufacturing date and location of the product

· Show the month and year

· Show the city and country

  • Date and location of the testing for conformity
  • Test reports supporting the certification
  • Contact info of any independent laboratory that conducted further tests

· Name of the Laboratory

· Full mailing address

· Telephone numbers

Check out samples of a standard CoC on the United States (US CPSC) website.

You are not obligated to carry out more tests by a third-party laboratory. But you are free to do so if you wish to authenticate your product for customers further.

How to Certify the Quality of Granite Composite Sink?

When talking about granite sinks, you refer to sturdy and well-compacted kitchenware. You can undermount it as it is lighter than porcelain sinks. It’s fully hygienic and resists stains which makes it safe for all food items.

There are other features you should look out for, like scratch and chip resistance. A high-quality granite sink is dent-proof. It can withstand the accidental clanging of metal pots. It’s also resistant to acids and alkalis. More so, the hardiness shouldn’t take away the soft feel. It should feel friendly when touched

A top-notch granite kitchen sink should be able to hold your hot pots without cracking. They are usually heat resistant up to 200℃ and so should have hot things without worries.

Moreover, it should match any kitchen décor and must be easy to clean. A little cleaning agent and soft fabric should bring back its shine no matter the stain on it. Also, it shouldn’t sustain scratch during cleaning. And, they do not clang when hit with pans. 

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