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Best Granite Composite Sinks Manufacturers In The World

Best Granite Composite Sinks Manufacturers In The World

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Deciding on choosing a manufacturer can be difficult. There are many companies offering quality products. Each one has its benefits and downsides.

And remember, there are a lot of scammers as well.

For this reason, you need to make a thoroughly educated decision. Choose your manufacturer wisely as it determines the quality of your product. The quality has a direct effect on your reselling price, so it is essential.

What To Look For When Choosing A Granite Composite Sink?


You need to keep in mind a few things while choosing a manufacturer who can make your product.

The Cost of Manufacturer

Custom made sinks are not cheap. This applies for anything that a manufacturer makes specifically for you. The manufacturer has to use a specific blueprint which is unique to each new product.

To manufacture a new product, the manufacturer needs to start from scratch. They will have to do everything: from creating the sink design to designing new moulds for it.

These jobs will be heavy on your bank account. You need to choose your manufacturer wisely and need to take the price factor into account as well.

Shipping and Timely Delivery

As you know, when you sell a sink, any minor defect can be a reason for its price to fall. This is why you need to ensure that the manufacturer’s shipping process is safe. The sink shouldn’t have any scratches or cracks by the time it reaches you.

Also, if you’re ordering from abroad, make sure to always consider the custom fees in the sink price as well. If you do this last minute, the actual total price might shock you.

For these reasons, choose your manufacturer wisely. Also, make sure that your manufacturer is capable of shipping the product to you on time.

granite composite sink

Quality Guarantee

The quality of the sink should be top-notch. As a business, you can’t compromise on quality no matter what.

Before agreeing to terms, first ensure the top quality of the product. You can ask for the past products the manufacturer has produced to check the quality.

While making a purchase, quality assurance is the first thing that a customer requires. A logical customer would not have any problem paying a premium price for a product. This only applies as long as the quality of the product is excellent.

For this reason, you must ensure the quality of the product you are attempting to re-sell.


Coming up with a new product is a significant hassle. If someone else gives it away, it will be a big blow to your business. Especially if your competitors come to know of the designs, you’re planning to offer.

You need to ensure full confidentiality of your product. Someone copying your product is out of the question. Ensure that things are sound at your manufacturer’s end as well, and they do not give it away to anyone.

Top Granite Composite Sink Manufacturers

These are a few businesses who offer the best sinks in the market.


Blanco is a company specializing in making and selling kitchen sinks. It is one of the first options for customers worldwide due to the quality and variety.

The design and product quality of Blanco sinks are outstanding. This is why the company is first-choice.

It operates through 100 countries and has subsidiaries in Europe and North America. You can assess the company’s quality by the fact that it has won multiple employer awards. Employees there are generally happy with their job.


Schock is another elite company in the sink manufacturing business. The company works from Germany with one of its factories in the Bavarian Forest.

This company invented the quartz composite sink a little around 40 years ago. From here, you can get an idea of the quality that the company offers.

It also has a substantial investment backing, which is a sign of a well-functioning company.

If you get your sink from here, you absolutely don’t need to worry about the quality.


Franke is another Swiss-based top of the chain company you can opt for when selecting a manufacturer. Franke specializes in manufacturing unique sinks according to their customer’s needs.

The sinks and shipping this company offers is absolutely top class. Moreover, they also listen to their customer complaints and get them sorted out.


Kraus is a New York-based company which was found in 2007. The company took a head-start and has reached the top of business very quickly. They provide all kitchen and washroom accessories.

Their design is commendable. Moreover, their products offer great endurance. It is evident that a great deal of research has gone into the making of each product. They have created some exceptional kitchen sinks.


Ruvati is another America-based company with its headquarters situated in Texas. It was founded in 2009, and it provides an economical solution to your sink problems.

The sinks they offer are reasonably priced considering the quality they offer. They also provide other bathroom and kitchen accessories such as faucets and showers.

The unique selling proposition of the company is its price. Their pricing strategies are incredibly fair for the customers. This is also why they are a popular choice among homeowners in America.

Chica Dragon (China)

Website Logo

Chica Dragon is a China-based company that entered the market in 2008. They researched the science behind stainless steel sinks in great detail. Afterward, they applied this research to make top-quality kitchen sinks.

The quality offered by Chica Dragon is unmatched. They only provide superior quality products. Moreover, they also offer OEM service and complete supply chain.

Another great thing about the company is how they treat their customers. The company actually has a lot of brand loyalists as well because of the quality it offers.

Furthermore, the company’s reviews are also great. They accommodate their customers exceptionally well and always deliver on their promise.



    What do you clean a granite composite sink with?

    There are specific cleaners for granite composite sinks. If you don’t want to buy any, white vinegar also offers a cleaning solution.

    Take a spray bottle and mix in half white vinegar and half water. Spray this on the sink and scrub the surface gently to get your sink clean.

    Do Granite Composite sinks scratch quickly?

    Granite Composite is the most scratch-resistant material when it comes to sinks. The price tag on these sinks is pretty high, but they offer quality as well.

    The rock particles at the surface of the sink are very dense which is why the sink offers excellent durability.

    Is a Granite Composite sinks right?

    You manufacture granite composite sinks under too high pressure. This makes the sinks resistant to heat, stains, chips and scratches. The surface is also non-porous, which means that food crumbs will not stick to it.

    Only harsh chemicals can damage the surface of a granite composite sink.

    Are granite sinks better than stainless steel sinks?

    Granite and stainless steel are very different. One offers you a pocket-friendly solution to your problems. The other offers high quality at a premium price.

    Granite composite sinks are more resistant to cracks and produce less noise. Stainless steel sinks offer you easy maintenance and a pocket-friendly solution.

    Are granite composite sinks hard to clean?

    No, the surface of the granite composite sinks is very smooth. This is why it is very easy to clean the sink. You can use stone soaps or natural vinegar to remove the stains.


    When it comes to kitchen sinks, a lot of companies are offering a product.

    Out of these companies, you have to sideline the best by conducting some research on the company. Also, visit the company or at least talk to a representative and make sure you are making the right decision.

    Also, make sure that you don’t compromise on quality as it is the first thing a customer looks for.

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