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The Details Package You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Sink


Table of Contents

The packaging of the product is essential in the transportation process because the stainless steel sink is a product that is easy to scratch, so proper packaging is a need when shipping them.
Chica Dragon uses safe and relatively economical packaging in each shipment, and we can make the customized packages according to customer needs.
Generally, stainless steel sinks have the following types of packaging:

Individual package in a box

Package details

  • Each sink in a PE bag
  • Wrapped each corner of the sink with a styrofoam protector (or use cardboard to make a protector )
  • Put one sink into a cartoon.

This method can effectively protect the sink and prevent scratches all the way. But it increases the packaging cost, and the total loading quantities are small because of the carton volume.
This package is suitable for the retailers, for it can be sold directly to the end-user when the customer receives the goods. Due to the high cost, this package is not a common method.

Nested on pallet

This method is the most used for it meets the safety packaging requirement and economy. Chica adopts this package for the wholesale customer in each shipment.
Package details

  • Each sink in a PE bag
  • Each sink edge(corners) wrapped with a styrofoam protector
  • Stacked with the sink upside down
  • Put the sinks on a pallet, then bundle with a cross
  • Use cardboard to cover each side of the pallet

Customize a package for Unique Shape

Sometimes we encounter some special-shaped sinks. Generally speaking, they will be packaged separately. Some protectors will be customized according to the shape of the sink because we want to make sure that every sink is free from scratches when it reaches our customer.


Whether you prefer cost effective packaging option or the safest packaging option, Chica Dragon can pack it for you.

Chica Dragon is a professional stainless steel sink manufacturer.

We understand the services and the strict quality control that prominent brands demand from their suppliers. Our distinguished OEM services are recognized for our unique qualities.

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