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Best Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers in Malaysia

Best Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers in Malaysia

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Everyone knows that many countries have imposed heavy anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel sinks in China, so many importers have switched to purchasing from Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia is a good choice.
In this article, we will list 5 top stainless steel sink manufacturers from Maylasia.


The Singapore-headquartered connoisseur of bathroom fittings and sanitary ware, Bacera started as a small firm distributing tap wares in the 80s and is now one of the biggest showrooms in Singapore. Bacera, has its kitchen and bathroom products in hotels and premium residences around the region – making the brand an appropriate addition to the modern kitchen.


RUBINE is one of the leading household appliances and fittings brands over the past 20 years with a wide range of products combining the very latest technology with innovative designs. Roundly recognized as one of the fastest-growing brands in Malaysia, RUBINE is a top multi-award-winning brand that is popular nationwide. Our confidence in new technologies combined with our constant innovation has enabled us to take the lead in the industry.


Symbolsink is an expert sink supplier specializing in the North American market.
Symbolsink has successfully established our reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-end stainless steel sinks. Symbolsink works with well-renowned brands, those whose high-quality products are recognized worldwide. Their products are manufactured in Chinese factories and have strict quality control. Their distinguished OEM services are recognized for their unique qualities.


CAM® is a leading and professional manufacturer of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks from Malaysia. The factory was established in 1975 and is located in Perak, Malaysia, with 1,500,000 square feet, with 400 skillful workers.
CAM® has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality stainless steel sinks for more than three decades. The company possesses a modern production building and an experienced technician team, the products are of the highest quality and maintain an excellent reputation.

Chica Dragon

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 Chica Dragon is a China-based company that entered the market in 2008. They researched the science behind stainless steel sinks in great detail. Afterward, they applied this research to make top-quality kitchen sinks.

The Quality offered by Chica Dragon is unmatched. They only provide superior quality products. Moreover, they also provide OEM service and a complete supply chain.

Another great thing about the company is how they treat its customers. The company has a lot of brand loyalists as well because of the Quality it offers.

Furthermore, the company’s reviews are also great. They accommodate their customers exceptionally well and always deliver on their promises.



    Finding a good supplier is the key to success. If a supplier is difficult to communicate with or does not deliver goods on time, not responsible for the problems that occur, you will lose your customers.

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