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The Surface Finish Of Stainless Steel Sinks

The Surface Finish Of Stainless Steel Sinks

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There are currently five popular kitchen surface treatment methods for stainless steel sinks: Pearl surface treatment, Brushed and matte finishes, Satin finishes, Textured finish, and Mirror surface treatment.

These different kinds of surface treatments have numerous benefits and downsides. You can choose a stainless steel finish according to the environment of your home. This article will help you make the right choice.

Let’s get right to it!

What Finishes Are Available For Stainless Steel Sinks?

Pearl Surface Treatment

This is also known as the frosted finish. This type of finish is made up of chemical electrolytes, which are there for surface treatment. This finish is similar to electroplating.

This finish has the simplest process and has very low technical costs. The price of this finish is also low. However, this type of finish has a defect. It is not scratch resistant at all. The surface of the sink will be easily scratched. In some severe cases, the coating of the sink might also chip off.

Out of the 2,000 manufacturers that operate in China, around 90% of them use this technology for their production.

Many high-end brands also use this specific type of technology to seize the lower end of the market: The people who are looking for an economical solution for their sinks.

High-end companies gradually phase-out of this process eventually and go for other better finishes for their products.

Brushed And Matte Finishes

product image

This method is most commonly used in drawn sinks.

This finish is not that great to look at, but it can camouflage scratches and make them very unnoticeable.

This type of finish uses fine sand particles. The particles hit the sink evenly at high speed. This causes the surface to evenly form, with grooves tiny enough to be invisible to the human eye.

This finish also increases the hardness of the sink significantly and improves its scratch resistance.

The principle used in manufacturing is equivalent to shot peening in mechanical processing.

There is one requirement for this treatment. The sink wall shouldn’t be too thin, and it should be able to withstand the sand particles hitting it. Otherwise, the surface will break.

Satin Finish

product image
Hand Made Drop-in Sink

This finish looks fantastic. It is described as ‘velvety’ by several customers of the product.

This type of finish uses wire drawing equipment to draw repeatedly on the surface of the sink. This process is equivalent to the grinding machine processing in mechanical processing.

The surface of the sink is formed with a series of fine silk marks. Because of this, the requirements of the surface of the sink and the drawn surface are very high.

Occasionally, domestic sheet wire drawing affects the sink’s appearance because of the fine particles on the surface of the sink. For this reason, this finish is only used on high quality imported plates of stainless steel that can withstand pressure.

This finish is very popular especially in the US market.

Textured Finish

product image

The visual effect of this finish is extremely sought after in the market.

It is made by pressing a regular pattern on the surface of the sink. Alternatively, you can directly press with an embossed sheet (equivalent to the pattern steel plate used on the pedestrian bridge on the road) and then use the matt surface treatment method for surface treatment.

The advantage of this sink is the sophisticated look it offers. However, over time, oily smoke in the kitchen will cause the sink to accumulate a lot of dirt. This dirt can get difficult to clean eventually.

Mirror Surface Treatment

product image

This finish gives the sink a new and clean look. The sink is spotless with this finish, and it is very satisfying for the appearance.

In this type of finish, you polish the surface of the sink enough to make it look like a mirror. This treatment is not suitable for everyone as it requires higher maintenance, and scratches are formed easily. However, it is amazing. 

Pros And Cons Of Every Type Of Finish

There exists no perfect finish. It is only a matter of preference and your requirements. The pros and cons of the finishes are summarized below:

Pearl Surface Treatment

This finish is a cost-effective way but is out of date for the market.

Mirror Finish

This is gleaming without a single scratch. This looks amazing, but it is very easy to scratch, and water spots form easily.

Brushed And Matte Finish

This is a rather dull finish, but it is incredible at hiding scratches.

Satin Finish

This is the most sought-after finish in the market. It offers a mix of convenience, price, and beauty well suited for a lot of people.

Textured Finish

This finish is impressive at hiding damage, but it can become a little challenging to clean.

Stainless steel naturally produces a tiny sound and amplifies the sound of clattering dishes and silverware. For this reason, many high-quality sinks are equipped with sound-deadening pads on the underside of the sink.


As we said earlier, there is no perfect sink. It is only a matter of preferences.

Ensure you are aware of all your options before choosing so you can choose what’s best for you.

Good luck!

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