Why should you import stainless steel sinks from China?

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In recent years, many people have turned to import stainless steel sinks from Southeast Asia because of anti-dumping duties on this product.
However, the anti-dumping duty is pointing to the drawn sinks. For hand-made sinks, Chinese-made stainless steel sinks still have significant advantages.
In this article, we will explain in detail why we should import stainless steel sinks from China.

1. China has the advantage of using raw materials-steel

China accounts for 50% of the world’s steel production. It is easier to find cheap and high-quality raw materials in China, which is more affordable to transport.

2. Stainless steel sinks made in China are of high quality.

The manufacturing capacity of stainless steel sinks in China is enormous. In 2018, the output of stainless steel sinks reached 31.28 million sets.
Among them, high-quality manufacturers are located in Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Many big brands in this industry have set up factories in China or OEMs in Chinese factories, such as Frank, Moen, Kraus, Ruvati, etc.

3. Stainless steel sinks made in China are more affordable.

There are more than 1,000 stainless steel factories in China, all of which are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Because of the fierce competition, customers can get better prices by comparing prices.

4.China has an unbeatable supply chain.

Stainless steel sink manufacturers are very concentrated; most of the factories are located in Guangdong or Fujian Province. Furthermore, the kitchen sinks accessories suppliers are nearby, which is generally within 50-100 kilometers. This is a unique advantage that other suppliers in Southeast Asia cannot beat.
For example, a supplier of stainless steel sinks in Vietnam or Malaysia, whose kitchen sinks are very competitive, may not finish the entire product due to the distribution of accessories problems.
On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers produce the kitchen sink, and the suppliers of any accessories can be found within 50-100 kilometers. In contrast, suppliers in Southeast Asia need to ship the accessories from another province or even import from another country. You can imagine that the efficiency difference is not a little bit.
Guangdong and Fujian province are the coastal area which has much port in these areas. The goods can be transported to the pier and shipped for export on the same day.


Import from China benefits a lot. China is still the first choice for imported stainless steel sinks.
If you were a wholesaler or distributor, would you choose to import from China?

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