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Why Choose a PVD Coating Kitchen Sink?

PVD Coating Kitchen Sink

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A sink is one of the most integral parts of your kitchen. ‘

One of the ways you can refurbish your kitchen is by installing a PVD coating kitchen sink

I have discussed this type of sink in more detail in the following article. 

Let’s dive into it!

What Is PVD Coating?

It is a method for producing hard coatings. These coatings are metal-based, and you can manufacture them by generating partially ionized vapor of metal. This vapor reacts with gases and forms a thin film on the surface. This film has a specific composition. 


PVD stands for Physical Vapor Disposition. In simpler words, this method is used to create a coating on the sink’s surface to offer more strength and protection. 

Advantages of PVD coating

PVD coatings are much better than the traditional electroplating done on the surface of the sinks. This coating offers more hardness and also a lot of corrosion resistance as compared to electroplated coatings. 

Moreover, PVD coatings do not tarnish or discolor. Also, they don’t deteriorate under UV radiation, which is a big pro. These coatings are also more environmentally friendly as compared to other coating processes.

Nano processing plays a substantial role in creating high-quality sinks


Composition of PVD Coating Sinks

The PVD Coating sinks contain five layers usually. The first layer is the stainless steel which is used as the surface of the sink. This is usually 304 stainless steel and is the primary surface on which the coating is done. 

Then comes the oil-free layer. This layer protects your sink from discoloration and tarnishing. 

The third layer is the anti-rust layer. This layer prevents the accumulation of rust on the surface of your sink. 

After that comes the anti-corrosion layer, which increases the corrosion resistance of the surface of the sink. And finally comes the anti-bacterial coating. This keeps your sink devoid of any bacteria and makes it much more hygienic to use. 


    Why Choose A PVD Coating Kitchen Sink

    PVD coating sinks pose certain advantages that other types of sinks cannot top. These include both a better-performing sink and a variety of available styles for the consumer to buy. A PVD coating kitchen sink offers a lot of rich colors which you can add to your kitchen. 

    PVD Coating Sinks Are Superior Performers


    Environmentally friendly

    The process by which PVD coating is done is pretty much entirely environmentally friendly. Other methods such as powder coating and electroplating release a lot of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

    As the Earth moves to a pitiful state, we constantly need to find new ways to make whatever we do sustainable for the Earth. We have to continually work not to give our planet such a hard time. 

    PVD Coating is a step in the right direction as it is entirely environmentally friendly and will not pose any threats to our beloved planet. 


    With this method, you can produce excellent environmentally friendly surfaces. These coatings are so safe that they are the lead technology choice of the food industry. It is entirely safe to put your food on these surfaces as they pose no harm to your body. 

    This is an underrated fact that a lot of people don’t pay attention to. People usually go for more durable surfaces and are more strong while ignoring the cleanliness and safety of the surface. In my opinion, that’s not how it should be. Everybody should be concerned with the safety of a surface as well. 

    Hard To Scratch

    Not just cleanliness, these coatings offer a lot of hardness. These coatings give the sinks a much higher scratch resistance as compared to other sinks. 

    This makes another advantage for these types of sinks. 



    PVD coatings offer a lot of corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. Not just that, these sinks are very durable and are capable of surviving in extreme climates without malfunctioning.

    You can say that these sinks, which are PVD coated, are universal and can really be used anywhere in the world. 

    Easy To Clean

    The outer surface of the sink is effortless to clean. All you need is some soap, water and a piece of cloth and you will get the job done. 


    As mentioned earlier, the outermost surface of the sink provides anti-bacterial protection. This is due to the dense and tight PVD coating. It causes water and oil to flow very quickly through the sink, making it difficult for bacteria to breed on the surface of the sink.

    Rich Colors That The Sink Is Offered In

    Sinks are the most integral parts of your kitchen. A colorful sink lights up the kitchen like a pearl! 

    PVD coated sinks are available in a lot of different colors. These not only enhance the performance of your sink but also helps in making your kitchen much more attractive. 


    PVD Coating is a popular choice for people these days, and rightfully so!

    I have listed all the advantages of the sink; it is now up to you to decide. 

    I hope this article helped you learn more about the PVD coating kitchen sinks

    Good luck!

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