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Handmade Stainless Steel Sink: Provide You A Better Choice

Handmade Stainless Steel Sink

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Handmade sink is another type of stainless steel sink as opposed to pressed sink, and now it has become one of the popular choices for many families to buy kitchen sinks.

Regardless of the size of your cabinets, you’ll quickly begin to find several different styles and types of kitchen sinks. In this blog, we discuss handmade sinks. What’s the meaning of a handmade sink? What are the benefits of choosing a handmade sink?

The Manufacturing Process

The difference is in how the sink is made

What is a handmade sink? We will start with the different manufacturing processes of kitchen sinks. Pressed sinks are the most common type of kitchen sink and are manufactured by a machine that presses a single sheet of stainless steel into a predetermined shape, resulting in a variety of variants in shape, length and bowl configuration.

The name of handmade sink comes from the process of forming the sink by hand and welding the corners.

 This process results in narrow radius corners and straight lines throughout the basin. The end product is professional or industrial looking and differs significantly from the tapering curves of pressed sinks.

Increase Available Space

Get more space with handmade sinks

While the distinctive look of a handmade sink is the most obvious difference compared to a pressed sink, the extra space is one of the most significant benefits of a handcrafted sink. The large radius corners found in pressed sinks significantly reduce the amount of space available in the sink. The tight radius corners in a handcrafted sink allow for a flat surface throughout the basin.

For those with busy kitchens and many dishes, this extra space will help with quick household tasks.

Extra Depth

Our handmade sinks offer a 10-inch deep basin

The standard depth for pressed sinks is 9 inches, and while this will vary by brand, you’ll find the most common depth is 9 inches. At Chica Dragon, our handmade sinks feature a 10-inch sink depth. If you regularly use oversized or large pots and pans, you’ll find this distinction very beneficial. While it may seem insignificant, if you find yourself battling dirty dishes on a regular basis, you will learn to appreciate the extra pots found in our handmade sinks.

Care and Maintenance

How to Remove Chemical Stains from a Stainless Steel Sink

Cleaning is a key consideration

While handmade sinks do offer greater functionality than pressed sinks, you should consider cleaning when choosing between these two styles. The compact radius corners that provide all the extra usable space for a handmade sink also require more effort to clean. While pressed sinks are designed to direct water to the drain, handmade sinks are flat, which means water doesn’t drain naturally from the sink. To avoid water damage and remove debris, you’ll need to rinse and wipe down the sink after each use.

Get a Quote Today!

Now that you know more about handmade sinks, we invite you to browse our handmade sinks series at Chica Dragon, please feel free to contact us get more information about our products or request a quick quote!

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