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Kitchen And Bath Industry Trends

Kitchen &Bath Industry Trends

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As we know, the world is changing very fast. Along with it, the preferences for people have also changed.

The pandemic has brought along a significant change in people’s lives. This has also changed their preferences a lot and forced them to follow specific trends.

I have researched the top trends and put them in this article. If you’re in business, this information would be precious to you.

Top Trends

We have all experienced the COVID-19. People have been forced to change their lifestyles according to the virus. This also means that their preferences and choices will now be different.

Some of these choices are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

L-shaped Kitchens Dominating


For layouts, L-shaped kitchens have dominated most of the market. A survey has explored kitchen options among urban, suburban and rural homeowners. This survey has shown that customers focus mainly on decluttering, efficiency and recycling.

Houzz conducted this survey and has revealed the results. They say that people are obsessing over recycling and decluttering their kitchen counters. Similarly, storage is also prioritized along with a space in which it is easy to work in.

Half of the kitchen remodelers have updated their kitchens to an L-shaped layout. This is in addition to a four-year upward trend in the industry for L-shaped kitchens.

These choices have evolved over time. Today, people are looking to declutter the surfaces of their countertops to add a clean and tidy look.

Organic/Natural Styles Rising In Popularity

Organic/natural styles for both kitchen and baths are rising in popularity, as tradition falls out of favor. Bigger kitchens for family occasions are also more preferred now due to the pandemic.

Since restaurants are currently closed, people like to stay indoors and spend time with their families.

The traditional style kitchen has fallen from the top three for the most popular kitchen style. In the meantime, Organic/Natural, which set ninth in a year old examination, has jumped into the top three. Almost half of the people who were surveyed recognized it as an up-and-coming style.

Only Contemporary, at 55%, and Transitional, at 53%, were higher. One respondent says that clean organic kitchens with recycled materials are very desirable. The other choices have the need for cleanable, adaptable, functional spaces.

Whites/off whites will be the most famous kitchen shading plan for the not so distant future. These were the popular choice, as 47% of the respondents chose this. For ledges and backsplashes, lighter tones won the day, favoured by 58%.

Quartz is the most popular material for the following year, picked by 78% of those overviewed.

Light Color Quartz Becoming A Favorite

Light colour quartz is also rising in popularity very quickly. People are starting to prefer this material over others when it comes to countertops.

One of the hardest minerals on Earth is Quartz. Quartz is a popular and dependable choice for countertops because of its strength. Quartz countertops are also referred to as “man-made”. Depending on the quartz maker, the volume of natural Quartz in a slab varies slightly.

Quartz is extremely durable, which justifies its demand as a countertop. Moreover, it is very low-maintenance, and you won’t have to put a lot of effort into cleaning. This material is also non-absorbent and resists stains.

At the same time, keep in mind that Quartz is a natural stone which may ruin if there’s a sudden change in temperature. Also, it may also dull knives because of how hard it is. Moreover, Quartz countertops have not yet been approved for outdoor use; they may only be used indoors.

 Quartz remains a popular decision when it comes to kitchen counters. This gives you another potential market to tap into.

Dedicated Areas For Charging Devices Become Essential


Have you gone to your washroom and realized that your phone is about to die. How convenient would it be if there was a socket nearby that you could charge your phone with? Well, this choice is precisely that.

People have shown that they prefer if their kitchen has a dedicated charging station. People want this so that they can quickly charge their phones while they make food. Since a lot of the population today has iPhones with pathetic battery life, they need to set it. Many people carry around power banks to help resolve this issue.

Cooking and dishwashing require your attention, so you cannot use your phone at the same time. This makes it very convenient if your phone is being charged at the same time you’re cooking. For this reason, a charging station is top-rated when it comes to kitchen designs.

Impact Of COVID-19 on kitchen design

 Since restaurants and bars have closed due to lockdown, kitchen design has changed. Here are some of the popular choices:

A work area

Designers are asked to build a place that you can use as a desk, as many people are still working from home. So, more power points, charger points, and maybe an island unit or a breakfast bar that can double up as a desk are needed.

Colour pop


White kitchens remain popular as they look clean and hygienic. To add cheer to the kitchen, people are looking for a pop of colour. You can accomplish this with a contrasting door colour and appropriate lighting.

Improved food storage

Storage is of utmost importance since most people shop less often. Siemens has many smart refrigerators and freezers with a lot of space. A space tower is also in demand as it shows you all your provisions at the same time.

Social Room

Individuals are searching for even more entertainment at home. So, the kitchen/dining area may need space for individuals to sit, relax and enjoy a drink. For a new kitchen people always want a lot of space. Homeowners use this as a standing space or for their families to accompany them in the kitchen.

Cooking is actually a healthy family activity, and it brings families closer. For this reason, people prefer a lot of social room in their kitchens.

The Increase Of Outdoor Living Area Projects On The Rise

Spending time in outdoor spaces is a source of great enjoyment for people. People are often motivated to focus on having at least one outdoor living area. This became popular in the last decade and has been growing since. Outdoor living space also increases a home’s resale value.

Such a space allows you to enjoy your time with family and friends more. People usually set lunch outdoors to enjoy the space and connect with nature.

According to Kleber And Associates, homeowners will continue to increase their interest in an outdoor facility for their homes.


In this article, I have highlighted various trends. You can tap into any of these trends as they have a different market altogether.

As a businessman, you have to offer what people demand, and their demands have been explained in this article. You can offer different accessories that address this demand.

I hope this article was of help.

Good luck!

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