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Nano Titanium Plating Handmade Sink

surface-treated stainless steel sink

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From the different products you can offer, one is the nano titanium plating handmade sink. This sink is an excellent addition to your product portfolio as a business.

In this article, I’ve included the benefits of this type of sink and why you should start selling it.

Let’s get right to it!

What Is A Nano Titanium Plating Handmade Sink?

Nano titanium plating handmade sinks are well known for its luxurious look and elegant aesthetics. This series is carefully processed and inspected to show off nano titanium technology’s full potential. Nano titanium technology adds stunning colours and anti-bacterial properties to a typical stainless steel sink.

To ensure top quality, skilled craftsmen weld the nano titanium plating handmade sink. The colour is displayed well in the sink finish, and the plating finish is resistant to stain, fade and scratch.

What is Nano Titanium Plating technology?

Nano-coating is a process in which you apply a layer of coating which repels certain things. These things include oil, water and dry particles. Nano coating is also called ceramic coating.

It has several different types of coatings, some of which are given below.

Anti-corrosive coating:

These stop chemical compounds from coming into contact with the surface. It stops oxidation happening on the surface of the material. It is commonly used over metals that are known to develop rust.

Anti-bacterial coating:

This coating helps in stopping microorganisms from growing on the surface. This is extremely suitable for public transport or cars where many people touch the surface.

Anti-abrasion coating:

This coating is mainly applied to prolong the life of the surface. This coating actually reduces the friction that occurs. This gives the material a longer life.

Anti-reflection coatings:

This coating reduces transmission. It dramatically reduces the reflection of a particular surface.

The coating used in sinks is usually colour coating. It gives the surface different colours. In addition to this, some sinks also have anti-bacterial coating. Another popular type is the anti-scratch and anti-abrasion coating.

What Are The Benefits Of Nano Titanium Plating Sinks?

1. Stylish and colorful design will enhance any kitchen decor.

First of all, the stylish design is sure to add to the beauty of your customer’s kitchen. The design is sure to go with different kitchen themes. You can also find a suitable design relevant to how you have decorated and painted your kitchen.

2. Oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability.

Moreover, it eliminates rust entirely. It reduces oxidation at the surface of the sink and blocks off water particles. This reduces corrosion significantly and makes the surface last longer. Any kind of chemical instability is also eliminated. The coating gives the surface a longer life by providing different benefits.

3. PVD film resistance

The manufacturer does the coating in a special way called PVD coatings. These coatings are more rigid and are much more corrosion resistant than others. They also have good impact strength that makes them stronger. A high-temperature indifference is another benefit that this type of coating offers.

4. Made by advanced Nano Titanium technology

These coatings are done with advanced Nano Titanium technology. Titanium is a good conductor of heat, and it distributes it evenly over its surface. This is why it makes the surface more resistant to temperature changes.

5. In strong sunlight, salty wetlands and urban environment, do not lose lustre, no oxidation, no fading, no shedding and bursting

If you operate in an area with extreme weather conditions, this could be of great use. Even in strong sunlight and with salty water, the sink’s surface will not lose any colour. The surface will also be resistant to shedding and bursting.

6. Low-maintain and easy-to-clean surface

Moreover, the outer surface is effortless to clean. It is also much easier to maintain than a standard stainless steel surface. You don’t need to put much effort into the cleaning process.

7. Available in jet black, sliver, gold, rose gold color

These sinks are currently offered in a range of colours, including silver, jet black, and gold. These colours could not be on sinks had this technology never been discovered. This coating makes it possible for kitchen sinks to be this attractive and be so much easier to use.

8. SUS 304 durable construction, industry-best NoiseDefend soundproofing technology

Moreover, the coating is also noise proof! You won’t get much noise if you sneak into your kitchen at night and need to wash the dishes afterwards. The technology offers excellent sound-proofing properties.

Chica Plating Handmade Sink

ChicaDragon also offers a nano titanium handmade sink in three different colors. These colors are: black, gold and copper.

These exquisite colors are sure to add a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Gold colour

The gold colour goes extremely well with kitchens with bright lightings and lighter countertops. It gives the kitchen a very expensive and professional look.

Black Colour

The black coating is a classy option if you want to adopt a dark theme for your kitchen. If you have grey cabinets, this sink would be perfect for you.

Copper Colour

The copper coating is for brighter colors. If your countertop matches with this color, this is an excellent choice.



    The nano titanium plating sink offers you a lot of benefits that normal sinks do not.

    To ensure that the top products are made accessible for your customers, add this to your portfolio.

    If you don’t meet the needs of your customers, your competitors will.

    Good luck!

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