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Stainless Steel Sinks V.S. Fireclay Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks V.S. Fireclay Sinks

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Fireclay sink and stainless steel sink both are durable, practical. Homeowners should consider how well it will hold up to the constant use kitchens usually generate.
Both stainless steel and fireclay sinks are popular choices. Choosing one of them may get confusing. In this article, we will make a comparison of both stainless steel sinks and fireclay sinks.

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is the most often used material for kitchen sinks. It offers one significant advantage to the homeowners that it is affordable. However, the stainless steel sink price may be varied by the different weight and steel gauge. Generally speaking, the lower the steel gauge, the better quality.
Most steel sinks have a gauge ranging from 18 to 22, but you can find others 15 to 24. A heavier gauged sink will provide the benefits of less noise, minimal dents, scratches, and not being prone to wear and tear.
Of course, a cost-effective sink is accompanied by some drawbacks. For instance, stainless steel sinks are noisier than other material sinks, but you can find versions with built-in sound-decreasing rubber pads.

farmhouse sink

Fireclay Sink

Fireclay sinks have become a popular choice for decorating modern kitchens because they offer a unique way to showcase a homeowner’s personality. Around for centuries, fireclay sinks are a timeless fixture.
Many sinks cannot withstand the heat of cooking, and fireclay sinks can take extreme heat. Fireclay sinks are also non-porous and will not rust or change colors over time.
Fireclay sinks are hand-carved, making them extremely unique; no two fireclay sinks are alike. This allows fireclay sinks to be sculpted to match any homeowner’s desires.

Fireclay Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks VS Fireclay Sinks


Stainless steel sinks are generally stronger than fireclay sinks, which are made of ceramic materials. Upon impact with dishes and other hard objects, fireclay sinks may sometimes chip or dent. Stainless steel sinks can be cleaned with more abrasive substances and fireclay sinks utensils.


As older fireclay sinks age, their makeup sometimes allows for old cracks. On the other hand, stainless steel sinks often appear the same as they did after purchase. The exception is thin gauge stainless steel, which sometimes accumulates damage that thicker gauges do not.


Stainless steel sinks have no problem dealing with the heat of fresh pots and pans from oven burners. On the other hand, Fireclay sinks are sometimes left with permanent marks if exposed to excessively hot utensils or containers.


Stainless steel sinks are much lighter than sinks made of fireclay. This eliminates the need for additional mounting under the sink to prevent the sink from falling.

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The cost of fireclay sinks and stainless steel varies depending on their size and shape and whether you want a custom design and color. Basic fireclay and stainless steel sinks are not as expensive as natural stone and fall in the mid-range in terms of pricing for various types of sinks.
Specialized stainless steel sinks can sometimes be more expensive than sinks made from cheaper materials, but their customized appearance and longevity make them a worthwhile investment.

Installation and maintenance

The durability and smooth surface of the chamotte make it very easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about resealing or refinishing fireclay and stainless steel sinks. Clean by using a non-abrasive cloth and warm water.
Stainless steel sinks are very easy to install. You can install the stainless sink on your own while you may need professional help for other types of kitchen sinks. It will save a budge from hiring a plumber.


People are looking for different features when they are choosing a kitchen sink. Some people prefer affordable sinks, while others need unique and functional features, and they are willing to spend an extra amount for that. Both stainless steel sinks and fireclay sinks have their advantages and disadvantages.
If your top priority is the cost, you can always go for the stainless steel sink. Somehow, it will still stand out in your overall kitchen layout and provide you the desired elegance. Otherwise, if you’re in a position to spend more or want a customized design, fireclay sinks may be the best choice for you.

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