7 Differences Between Cheap & Expensive Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

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Like every other product, manufacturers use different levels of stainless steel in sinks. 

You will need to identify good-quality stainless steel sinks from the cheaper ones.

There are many differences that you, as a wholesaler, should consider. Some of these factors are discussed below. 

Let’s get right to it!

What Are The Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Stainless Steel Sinks?

There are several differences between the two that we pointed out one by one. 

The Grade of The Steel

The stainless steel’s quality is one of the significant factors. Stainless steel comes in a lot of variations. These variations have their unique properties. 

The two prevalent types of stainless steel are the 201 and 304 grades. The surface of the 201 steel is a little dull, while the 304 steel is brighter and smoother. 

The quality of 304 steel is better than the 201 grade.

stainless steel plate

Some variants have a lot of tensile strength; others have a high melting point. Oxidation and corrosion resistance also vary in every stainless steel sink type. 

Generally, a rule of thumb is that the better the stainless steel is, the more it will cost. 

The better grade of the steel means using better raw material to produce sink. It will be more expensive as compared to a lower quality stainless steel.

The Gauge or Thickness of the Stainless Steel

One factor that causes the prices to rise is the stainless steel gauge. The gauge is a measure of the thickness of the steel. 

The thicker the steel, the heavier it will be. The most common gauge to use in stainless steel is the 16 gauge or 18 gauge. The 18 gauge is good, but the sink gauge above 20 is too thin, and it will compromise your sink’s quality.

The thickest stainless steel is 13 gauge stainless steel, but it is usually not used in any sink.

But at the end of the day, this sink will probably last a lot longer than a sink with a higher gauge. 

Sink gauge

When buying kitchen sinks, your primary focus should be the life of the sink. The price is a secondary factor. If a sink costs more but lasts longer, then that sink would have served you for a time appropriate for its price. 

Resistance to Discoloration and Corrosion

Another advantage that an expensive sink would have over a cheap one is the resistance properties. A cheap stainless steel sink might not be as good at resisting harmful compounds as an expensive one.

Corrosion kicks out the life from your sink. It significantly reduces the life of your sink. Moreover, it is also a health hazard for the user. 

Many things can cause corrosion. For example, an expensive sink would have excellent resistance against it, and a cheap sink would give in to all the chemicals. 

Another thing that expensive sinks do better is resisting discoloration. The discoloration will look bad on your sink. It will be the first thing someone notices when they look at your sink because of how much it stands out. 

One way to protect against corrosion and discoloration is to use a chromium-added stainless steel sink. Chromium is exceptional at protecting against discoloration.

Quality Inspection

Getting a cheaper sink means being prone to these problems. So do yourself a favor and opt for a hassle-free experience.

Scratches and Dents

When washing dishes, there is a lot of clattering, which the dishes produce due to contact with the sink’s surface. This contact between metals will most likely wear your kitchen sink out. 

One day, you’ll wake up and notice a lot of dents and scratches on your kitchen sink. 

Choose a stainless steel sink with a good surface finish, such as a brushed or satin finish. It will significantly prevent scratches while using the sink.

An expensive sink will also give you resistance against these dents and scratches. A cheaper one will give in to the banging a lot easier. 

The restoration of dents will also be affected. It will be easier to restore marks on more expensive stainless steel sinks than cheaper alternatives. 


An expensive sink is more likely to be more durable than a cheaper one. 

Durability is one of the essential things you should look for in a kitchen sink. A kitchen sink is going to last around 25 years. So it is a basic necessity that during these 25 years, at least the quality of the sink doesn’t deteriorate. 

An expensive sink will give you a lot more durability than a cheaper one. However, don’t be fooled by the lower prices; you will have other expenses to pay that you will find out once you start using the sink.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is another big pro you can get when you opt for a more expensive stainless steel sink. 

Since you will be using your sink all day, every day, it is a good idea to get all that annoying noise reduced. It will make your house a lot more peaceful. 

Noise reduction pads are added to quality stainless steel sinks. However, if you don’t opt for one, you will have to do sound-proofing yourself, which is likely to go wrong. 


Another pro of an expensive stainless steel sink is noise reduction, which is sure to change your life. 

There are two types of noise reduction pads with stainless steel sinks: an EVA material or the rubber one. EVA material is a pollution-free alternative that you can use. 

However, the rubber one has to pass various environmental certifications to be attached to the sink when it comes to the rubber one. The rubber pads are also made of inferior material.

Getting good noise reduction pads will be a blessing for you. Not only will you get noise reduction, but you’ll also be getting it for almost 25 years. 

Size and Type of the Sink

The size is another thing that comes at a monetary price. 

A large size sink gives you a lot of room to comfortably do what you bought the sink to do. For example, you will find that now washing dishes and cutting vegetables is easier. 

A more expensive sink will be bigger compared to a cheaper one. 

Another additional pro is the type of sink. There are many types, such as the double bowl sink or a double drainer sink. If you opt for a more expensive sink, these different types will only be available to you. 

A cheaper one is not likely to have all these functions in them. It becomes increasingly inconvenient to do your daily business then. 

Chica Stainless Steel Sinks

Chica uses high-quality 304 stainless steel to manufacture its sinks

product image
Chica Handmade Stainless Steel Sink

They also use G16 or G18 bearings in their sinks which makes the overall quality of the sink better. These sinks are sure to last you a lifetime. 

You will also be saved from all the after-sale costs, and the sinks will be a one-time investment for your business. 

There are different variations which you can choose from. Hand-made sinks along with pressed sinks are available. You can also get a sink with PVD coating sinks here. 


Kitchen sinks are a long-term investment. So if you don’t smartly make that investment, you will have to make additional investments along the way. 

Make the right choice the first time and be easy the rest of your life. Then, choose an alternative that performs better over one which is cheaper. 

Good luck!

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