5 Pitfalls You Should Avoid When Buying Handmade Stainless Steel Sinks

hand made stainless steel sink

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Stainless steel sinks are a really common choice, particularly for builders and those who are upgrading homes for sale as part of large projects. This is a durable sink material that will withstand exposure to many kinds of chemical products and can hold up to contact with sharp objects with ease as well. Stainless steel sinks are also perfect because they are easy to insert into many kinds of cabinets and counter supports.

If you have been looking for hand made stainless steel sink, you might be wondering how you can avoid ending up with the wrong sink for your needs. Handmade stainless steel sinks can be a great choice for your needs, particularly if you need a unique size or shape sink. There are some common pitfalls that can be associated with handmade sinks, however, that you should know about.

If you are ready to learn more about the common pitfalls that you might want to avoid when buying a handmade sink, you need to read on.

The Common Pitfalls Associated With Hand Made Stainless Steel Sinks

1.  Using Thin Materials to Manufacture

This is the most common problem that people experience when they buy a handmade stainless sink. These sinks are made through manual welding processes, and they will have to be made of lightweight materials in order to serve their purpose correctly. However, there are many grades of stainless steel, and if a maker uses the wrong weight of stainless steel, the sink could fail after you install it.

Sink gauge

Generally speaking, you will want to look for handmade sinks that are made with stainless steel gauges that are at or above G18. G16 might be acceptable, but G13 is the best choice overall for this kind of manufacturing process. When a sink is not made with the right gauge stainless steel, it might bend, crack, or even end up with holes in it.

2.  The Sink Rim and Basin Are Not the Same Material

Handmade products that are made with care should be crafted from the same material all the way through. You should never accept a sink that is made from two different materials. This is because the bond between the rim and the basin is much more likely to fail if the sink is made of two different materials.

Cut cross-shaped sheet
Welding Position Analysis
The green line represents the folded position, and the red line represents the welded part

As an additional bit of cautionary information, the material that forms the basin of the sink should be bent from a cross-shaped stainless steel plate. This piece is then welded into the final sink shape. When the sink is not made in this manner, the sink panel will often be a different material from the basin. This is one of the key ways to protect yourself from buying a low-quality sink that will not hold up to your needs.

sink panel
Sink Rim
Sink Basin
welding position

3.  The Finish is Not Scratch-Resistant

Any quality handmade stainless steel sink will be scratch-resistant. This is a popular treatment for sinks that are mass-produced because it adds durability and integrity to the sink material. This helps a stainless steel sink hold up to daily use and to exposure to things that have sharp edges as well as heavy objects or items with rough surfaces.

The anti-scratch finish of your sink does more than just make sure that your sink looks great even after years of use. You will also find that your sink will hold up to exposure to chemicals and other kinds of challenges better if it has been treated with a scratch-resistant finish. The most popular of these finishes is a satin finish or brushed finish. Polished or mirrored finished is easy to scratch, so it’s not recommended.

4.  There is No Coating or Insulation

Sinks that are made to last will need to be crafted with high-quality sound reduction pads. These are often made of EVA foam and are attached to the sink to keep it from making lots of loud noises when you are using it. The coatings that are used in quality sinks will also keep the sink from rusting and becoming too corroded to use.

This part of the manufacturing and design process is non-negotiable. Any stainless steel sink that is not coated will have a very short lifespan. The insulation that is included with your sink also protects it from being warped or damaged when it is being installed or when heavy objects are placed inside of it.


5.  Sink Does Not Drain Well

Many hand made sinks are crafted to look nice, but they do not perform well. The sink that you buy needs to drain effectively and readily. You will not be able to use a sink that does not drain properly for long, and this can be a big disappointment if you did not look at this part of the sink before you installed it.

Consider checking for the X-shaped drainage line that is often attached to these sinks. This helps to aid in drainage and is the standard for industrial sinks that are made from stainless steel. No matter what kind of drain your sink has, the drain needs to be placed correctly, and there needs to be a proper slope built into the sink itself.

Barclay sink

Handmade Sinks Can be Perfect for Many Needs

For builders and those who are creating office spaces that will be used for hard work of various kinds, a handmade stainless steel sink is a practical and versatile choice. This is a practical and effective sink material that can hold up to lots of hard use without any blemishes or performance issues. Handmade sinks can fit into unique spaces in home improvement and can be made to order.

At Chica Dragon, we make handmade sinks that will perform perfectly and that will stay beautiful throughout years of use. Our skilled craftsmen know how to make the perfect sink for your needs, and our design process ensures a perfectly made sink that will perform just the way you need it to. When you order from us, you will have access to the best products in the handmade sink market.

Contact us if you have any inquiries about hand-made stainless steel sinks!

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