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PVD Coating Sink Vs. Stainless Steel Sink

PVD Coating Sink Vs. Stainless Steel Sink (2)

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Are you wondering whether to get a PVD coating sink or a standard stainless steel sink? 

This article is sure to answer your queries pertaining to both of these types. 

The pros and cons of each sink are discussed below, with a proper definition of a PVD sink

Let’s get right into it!

What is PVD Coating Sink?

PVD stands for physical vapor deposition

An innovative technology that results in an excellent metal film deposition on the product. PVD is a new evolution for sinks as it makes an extra layer on the surface of the sink, as a result, makes the stainless steel sink more scratch-resistant and with a premium look.

The manufacturer performs the process inside a vacuum chamber. Firstly, you evaporate precious metals such as chromium, vanadium, or titanium. The particles from this are then deposited on the product. 

You cut the steel with a laser, and it is then put through some other mechanisms to ensure the quality of the sink. These include placing the sink through a CNC Bending Machine. It reduces the errors in the sink and makes sure that the size is consistent.

The stainless steel sink is then welded by using different equipment. It reduces the damage to the surface of the steel. Manual spot welding or laser welding can ensure that the corners of the sink are flat. 

You can also use a polishing machine to smoothen the edges of the sink. In some variations, double polishing is also done on the edges, making them all the smoother.

There are a lot of pros to this product, which we discuss below. PVD coating guarantees the surface’s inalterability. There is no coloring from UV rays, and the surface becomes highly corrosion resistant.

The sinks are also more resistant to acids, salts, and other aggressive products. 

Is PVD Scratch Resistant?

Yes, the PVD coating makes the surface of your sink scratch-resistant. The primary stainless steel is now covered with a better, more resistant metal layer. This makes the anti-corrosion properties of the sink very strong.

I’m sure we’ve all seen scratches on the surface of a stainless steel sink. As excellent and resistant as the sink is, the metal properties don’t have an anti-scratch element in them. You can cover this disadvantage of stainless steel by getting a PVD coating.

There are a lot of other benefits of the PVD coating as well. For example, the product provides the kitchen with a more hygienic environment. The ultra-small particles that form an anti-bacterial coating prevent bacteria such as salmonella, staphylococcus aureus from burrowing into the surface of your sink and multiplying, keeping your kitchen sanitary.

A PVD coating helps against this and brings more value to your product by increasing its durability.

Moreover, PVD is more than four times harder than chrome which means less dulling of the material.

PVD Sink VS Normal Stainless Steel Sink

 This section is sure to help you in making your decision. It compares the PVD coated sink with its stainless steel variation and gives you a clear outlook of both types.

Let’s look into both types.

The Pros and Cons of a PVD Sink

Advantages of PVD Coating Sink

The PVD technology provides many benefits. The coating ensures amazing wear resistance. Even if you bang pots and pans onto the surface, it is unlikely to dent or have scratches on it. 

Other than that, the surface also offers amazing corrosion resistance. So you can stop worrying about the surface of the sink rusting or corroding. 

It also offers great chemical resistance. Even if you wash the sink multiple times, it will not corrode. The top-grade metal on the surface is amazing regarding corrosion resistance.

The surface of the sink is also much smoother. The coefficient of friction is lower for the PVD coating. It allows for a very smooth sink surface and makes your everyday cleaning easier.

The decorative finishing of the surface is also amazing. The sink will add a more professional look to your kitchen and will be the show-stealer for your kitchen. One of the first things someone notices in your kitchen is your sink. If it is better to look at, that gives a great impression on whoever is visiting your house. 

The surface is also resistant to chipping, fading, and tarnishing. So just get this coating done and rest assured, your sink won’t require maintenance for a few years at least.

In fact, the hardness is so good that it’s only second to a diamond surface. Moreover, it is so low maintenance that you’ll be mind-blown. As a result, it offers a lot of benefits over the traditional stainless steel sink. 

Disadvantages of PVD Coating Sink

One disadvantage is that some PVD sinks might require a cooling water system to dissipate large amounts of heat in very hot areas.

The Pros and Cons of a Stainless Steel Sink 

Stainless steel does not come without benefits as well. The sink is corrosion resistant and bacteria resistant. 

The best part about this sink is its lightweight nature and the fact that you can add a lot of variations to its surface if you use this sink.

This can greatly increase the oil resistance and water resistance of the sink’s surface. These additions are a great advantage for the stainless steel sink.


    Chica PVD Coating Sink

    Chica Dragon is a company committed to making all kitchen sinks better. First entering the market in 2008, we have improved a lot as a manufacturer and produced quality granite composite sinks and stainless steel sinks in China.

    Chica Dragon offers amazing quality PVD coating sinks. PVD coating sinks are also known as Nano Titanium sinks. You can find more information on the different options from here.


    PVD coating is an amazing addition to add to the stainless steel surface. The pros and cons are discussed in this article. 

    Diversify your portfolio and add this sink to your collection.

    Good luck!

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