Stainless Steel Sink 101: A Complete Guide to Help you Know About Stainless Steel Sinks

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Picking a quality stainless steel sink is important for a variety of reasons. You need to get a quality sink that is easy to install and simple to care for as well as durable enough for all kinds of uses. Stainless steel sinks can come in many grades and styles and you need to know which is the right one for your needs. The composition of the sink matters as does the way it is created.

Choosing the right sink is important and the more that you know about stainless steel sinks the better determination you can make about which sink is right for your needs. The different elements of the sink all need to work properly for your needs and you will have to be able to determine which style of sink is right for your needs.

If you are ready to learn more about stainless steel sink 101, you need to keep reading.

Picking the Right Stainless Steel Sink: A Complete Guide For Your Needs

1. Choose The Right Grade Sink

Strong steel is important and you will want to be sure that you get a sink made with strong enough gauge steel to last. The type of steel and the composition of the steel is important for the overall longevity of the sink and its use. Low-level gauge stainless steel is important to look for as this denotes the thickness of the stainless steel, which is important for quality.

Sink gauge

Most sinks use 16-to-22-gauge steel. The lower the number, the more durable the material. This means that you will be able to use the sink for tough jobs and it will not be likely to bend and warp during transportation. 16–18-gauge steel might be great, but G13 is the best steel to pick for your needs. Thinner sinks will be more likely to dent or be ruined in shipping and this is always best to avoid.

2. Sound-Deadening and Insulation Are Critical

The sound-deadening insulation of the sink is important. This is the component of the sink that makes sure that there is not a noisy echo or sound when it is being used. No one wants to listen to a sink that sounds like a drum while they are using it, and you will want to be sure that the sink that you select offers this benefit.

Thicker-gauge steel will be less likely to make loud noises, but sound-deadening is important even in this situation. Every sink needs sound-deadening padding in place to make sure that the sink is enjoyable to use for kitchen functionality or other needs. These products are usually applied with a strong glue and they should all be placed on all four sides on the underside of the sink. The insulating layer of the sink needs to be coated to prevent water from condensing on the sink.


3.  Sink Finish

There are various kinds of sink finishes that you can pick from, but some of them are more practical than another. You will want to consider a satin finish and brushed or matte finishes for your sinks. These are the most durable finishes you can have for a sink that will be used for washing dishes and other tough jobs.

Sink finish contributes to durability and the wrong finish will show scuffs, scratches, and divots much more than a practical finish. Mirror finish and textured finishes are not practical enough for kitchen use. These finishes will show every imperfection and they are hard to care for in some cases as well.

4.  Shape of the Sink

The radius of the sink refers to the interior angles in the bowl. Sinks can have rounded corners or tightly crafted and welded corners. You will get more usable space and durability from a sink that has been folded and welded and this will also offer lots more usable space within the sink.

A zero-radius sink will have perfectly square corners while a 1-3/4” sink will have slightly rounded corners. This can make a big difference in the capacity of the sink and the uses that it can handle. You might also want to look at the taper of the sink to see if there will be a major difference between the top of the sink at counter level and the bottom of the sink where the drain rests.

5.  Size and Design of the Sink

There are many ways that a sink can be made. It might be a single bowl sink or a double-bowl sink depending on the size of the kitchen or the space that the sink will be added to. You will want to consider the durability of the material that the sink is composed of before you choose a double bowl sink. This kind of sink will be asked to do tougher jobs overall and it will need to be able to hold up to this kind of demand.

The size of the kitchen or workspace might have a lot to do with choosing between a single bowl sink or a double bowl sink. The design of the sink can make a big difference for some uses and you will need to keep this in mind when you are selecting a product. Double bowl sinks will need to be carefully crafted to be as durable as single bowl sinks and you should always be more meticulous in your selection process for this style sink when compared with a more simple single bowl sink.

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hand made stainless steel sink

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