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Top 5 Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers in Israel

Top 5 Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers in Israel

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Stainless steel sinks are most commonly used for home and business needs. They are practical because they hold up well to use, are affordable to buy, and look nice in various locations. Stainless steel sinks are also affordable to import and can be the perfect solution when buying in volume.

If you are unsure which manufacturers you need to shop within Israel to get the best quality sinks for your needs, you are not alone. There are always lots of makers of sinks that claim that they offer superior products, but this is not always the case. This guide will help you to find the right stainless steel sink manufacturers in Israel to shop with for stainless steel sinks.

Top Stainless Steel Manufacturers in Israel

1. Hamat

Hamat is one of the leading brass faucet manufacturers in this region, but they also make prestigious and top-quality sink products. Hamat produces its products in Ashdod, which is in the center of Israel and has been associated with this kind of production and industry for more than 70 years. The company also offers showrooms for kitchen and bath products throughout Israel.

The plant has a production department that is equipped with leading and advanced technology, and the skilled teams that work there make sure that production is consistent, speedy, and reliable. This company has a brass casting foundry for their brass products, but they also have a location that takes care of the machining, the robotic grinding, the polishing and buffing, and the chrome plating of all of their products. You can also trust this company to do their powder coating and PVD finish work in-house, which is not common for this factory.

This is a one-stop shop for quality stainless steel sink products, and you can trust this company to offer you access to reliable and high-quality products.

2. Mendelson

Mendelson Company Ltd. is the largest and the oldest company that provides stainless steel sink products in Israel. The entire production process is housed under one roof here, which makes the production process consistent and reliable as well as speedy. The company makes more than 40,000 products, many of which can be offered with fast delivery and shipping. One of the nicest features of choosing this company is that their QA system is done in-house and with the highest standards. This ensures that every single product released for sale out of this facility is of the best quality.

The company also offers good warranties with every sale, so you can count on them to stand behind their products. This location also offers you access to very skilled and effective customer service so that you can discuss your order and get help selecting the right sink product for your needs. Being able to get access to the support that you need for your buying and ordering process can make all the difference, especially if you are busy and need to be able to count on the products that you are getting from afar.

3. Peretz Nirosta

This company provides most of the sinks used in the top restaurants, clubs, and homes in Israel. This is the leading company for this kind of product, and they are associated with luxury products that hold up to years of use. The most famous locations that work with this company in Israel are Griffin, Lanksy, Mental, Darling, Douglas, and more. This is a great choice for the best quality stainless steel sinks in Israel that are offered at fair pricing.

Being able to gain access to the best sinks that are made for local purchase is a key benefit to connecting with this manufacturer, and the fact that they sell to local businesses, as well as major companies, helps you to get the right buying experience for your needs. This is a company that believes in offering the kinds of sinks and the kinds of ordering process that you need, even if unique solutions need to be offered to help you access the sinks you have been looking for.

4. Franke Sinks

Franke Logo

Franke is a major maker of sinks in Israel, and they have had a presence in Israel for more than 100 years. This is a great choice if you want top-quality sinks at great prices that are unique in their quality. The company makes many such products, and you can count on them to make improvements and develop new designs regularly to care for customer needs as the market changes and shifts.

This factory is associated with many other locations around the globe so you will be working with a sink supplier familiar in many markets. This is a sink company that knows how to make products that appeal to various markets, and their customer care team can help you to get connected with the sinks that you have been looking to order.

5. Chica Dragon (China)

Website Logo

Chica Dragon is one of the leading providers of stainless steel sinks in many markets. They offer a complete range of products that you can count on being of the best quality and the finest design. Ordering is very simple and effective, and you will have no trouble getting the sinks that you have been looking for in great condition and ready to be used. They have a customer showroom to allow you to see products in advance, and the customer support team can advise about all of the details of the ordering process and tell you more about every product.

This company has more than twenty years of experience in this area of the industry and is already the leading producer of most of these kinds of products in various markets. Chica Dragon offers the highest-quality sink products, and all of them are made with the best quality stainless steel.

Shopping For Stainless Steel Sinks in Israel is Easy

When you work with these stainless steel sink providers, you will find that you can easily get the sink stock that you need. These are the leading providers of the stainless steel sinks you have been looking for, and you will get great results when you work with them for your order.

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