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Top 5 stainless steel sink manufacturers in Thailand

Top 5 stainless steel sink manufacturers in Thailand

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Since the anti-dumping regulation of importing the stainless steel sinks from China to the U.S, more and more importers from the United States have started to purchase from the Southeast Asia countries. Thailand is a country next to China, and its manufacturing industry is developing fast. Thailand will become a country that will replace part of China’s export of stainless steel sinks.

This article will be perfect if you also want to source stainless steel sinks in Thailand.

1. EVE

EVE is a kitchen appliance brand in Thailand, and the business scope includes gas cooktops, range hoods, sinks and faucets, etc.

Eve is determined to make high-quality products available to the Thai people and users in surrounding countries. Innovation at an affordable price is what makes the difference and has earned Eve the trust of more than 32 years. Eve’s commitment to continuous effort and development is the slogan for EVE Cook with care because they care about your every job.

2. Global House

Siam Global House Public Company Limited is a company that was established in 1997 to engage in the product distribution business. (Distribution Business) focusing on building materials and DIY products under the same building will be a wholesale business self-service retail which is a new distribution business that Has caused a significant change in the distribution market of consumer goods and consumer products in Thailand, that is, the former domestic market will have a large number of small operators, making the purchasing power. As a result, the manufacturer largely determines the price of the product. Still, when the cash & carry distribution business comes in, the market has become a buyer’s market. where consumers have a greater role in determining prices and styles of products they want through the marketing mechanism of the Cash & Carry business

Global House currently has 75 branches in operation nationwide. It has a total service area of more than 630,000 square meters, with parking spaces to facilitate customers of more than 225,000 square meters, with a wide variety of products to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of pieces. with complete services to create maximum satisfaction

3. Taje Stainless Steel Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Taje Stainless Steel Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in Thai Central Rayong Industrial Zone, Amti City, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of more than 500,000 pieces of stainless steel sinks, strainers, and related accessories.

Taje is a comprehensive enterprise with a complete and perfect production and quality control system. All processes from mold making, cutting, drawing, annealing, welding, polishing, and laser marking to encapsulation and testing are done in-house. Taje aims to become the number one sink manufacturer in the Southeast Asian market within 3 years.

Their high standards have resulted in awarding the Certifications like CUPC, CE, and ISO9001:2015 quality authentication, reflecting their international shared business values.


PRUSSIA (ASIA) CO., LTD. is a professional kitchen and bathroom manufacturer committed to making every family have a quality life.

At the beginning of the founding of Prussian Kitchen and Bath, we formed a global strategic cooperation alliance with Prussian Metal Industries in Germany, introducing German rigorous and exquisite technology, integrating “Chinese elements” to create Chinese kitchen and bath products, redefining the innovative connotation of kitchen and bath “Made in China.” They focus on R&D and design to create Chinese home kitchen and bathroom product lines based on German technology. The brand concept is “intelligent kitchen and bathroom, quality of life” in response to the national energy-saving and environmental protection policy.


DIKA is a new found company base in Thailand under Chica Dragon. Chica Dragon Metal Factory was established in May 2008 as a kitchen sink manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. It uses advanced machinery and intelligent production management systems to meet quality standards and supply requirements.

Chica has another production site located in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand that serves the U.S. market. This branch was established in 2022 and has been instrumental for the company in meeting the expectations of its clients. The production systems, methods, and machines used in both sites are similar.



    Choose a supplier capable of meeting your company’s specific demands and requirements. Do not settle for a supplier that only offers affordable goods but inferior quality products. If you’re looking for more stainless steel sinks Manufacturers, check out the following articles:

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