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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Manufacturers in Australian

5 Kitchen Sink Manufacturers in Australian

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The number of consumers who are buying kitchen sinks in Australia has been growing positively for the past years. This upward trend is great news for kitchen sink retailers and online suppliers in the country. If you want to try your luck in the kitchen sink industry and are planning to start your own kitchen sink business, the first thing to do is find a reliable kitchen sink supplier.

In this article, we will be giving you some of the best kitchen sink wholesale suppliers in Australia. So keep on reading to know more!


With over 78 years of experience, Caroma offers kitchen and bathroom fittings that are designed to function well and also look the part, no matter your style. The brand offers both kitchen sinks and basins for your bathroom, backed by a 20-year warranty.

The basins range is split between the LiveWell, Vogue, Classic and Artisan collections with various taphole options to choose from. All Caroma products can also be sorted by price range on the website, which makes finding something within your budget even easier. In the kitchen sinks department, Caroma offers top and undermount models, in different grades of stainless-steel and various bowl sizes to fit in your kitchen space.


An Australian brand, Oliveri has been operating in the manufacturing industry for 70 years, with the name recognized globally and available for purchase at homeware retailers around the country. Offering sinks of all shapes and sizes, Oliveri may be worth checking out the next time you’re in the market for a bathroom or kitchen sink upgrade.

Oliveri has plenty to offer, whether you’re looking to stick to a traditional style sink, or want something to stand out. Traditional styles, which are available in one or two bowl varieties, include the Apollo, Sonetto, Monet, Diaz and Petite ranges, while the Martini, Endeavour and Ultraform ranges will catch your eye if you’re looking for a classic style.

If you’re searching for something specific, the Titan or Solitaire ranges may be better suited to your needs, with the Titan models boasting larger capacities, while the Solitaire models come in a round design, ideal for those who may not have a lot of space. Or if you’re hoping to make a statement with your kitchen, the Spectra or Santorini ranges may be your best bet, each coming in a variety of colours and finishes to help create an eye-catching aesthetic.


Mondella sinks are exclusively sold at Bunnings, with its product range grouped into seven coordinated design collections that are colour coded to help you choose a product to match. From contemporary to classic, its collections offer different on-trend styles and designs. Plus, behind every product is a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Kitchen sinks feature double and single bowl varieties, including a single round design for those limited on space. Choose from a range of finishes including stainless-steel and black, plus a tempered black glass top. There’s also a square sink that comes in a single or double bowl variety.

In terms of bathroom options, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re wanting to make a statement, you might like to consider its matte black or marble options, while for those wanting to keep it simple, standard white finishes are also available. There’s also a number of different designs on offer from round bowls and drop-in basins to above counter square basins.


For a one-stop-shop, it’s hard to beat Abey, with the brand offering an extensive range of basin mixers, taps and sinks for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. This retailer stocks its own branded products as well as big-name European brands such as Armando Vicario, Gessi and Barazza. If you have a particular style or budget in mind, you can also browse sinks and accessories by collections and price points.

For the bathroom, there are wall and basin mixers available in pedestal, freestanding, inset, wall-hung and countertop styles, including exclusive pieces from brands like Mastella, Gareth Ashton and Gessi.


Operating under the Australian-owned GWA Group, Clark sinks have been in the market since the 1940s, with the company today offering a number of models at retail outlets around the country. Clark provides a 10-year warranty on most sinks, with dimensions and instructions available via its website.

For the kitchen, Clark offers overmount and undermount sinks, with one or two bowl capacities available to help you find one that suits your kitchen and household size. Predominantly available in stainless-steel finish, Clark’s range includes both single left or right-side bowls, allowing you to find one that can slot into your current kitchen space.

For those looking to refit their bathroom, Clark has a number of basins available, although you might have to look elsewhere if you want any other colour but white. Rounded and square basins are readily available, with Clark additionally offering wall-mounted sinks for a different take on the bathroom design.

Chica Dragon (China)

Website Logo

Chica Dragon is a China-based company that entered the market in 2008. They researched the science behind stainless steel sinks in great detail. Afterward, they applied this research to make top-quality kitchen sinks.

The quality offered by Chica Dragon is unmatched. They only provide superior quality products. Moreover, they also offer installation methods and a lot of variety of their products.

Another great thing about the company is how they treat their customers. The company actually has a lot of brand loyalists as well because of the quality it offers.

Furthermore, the company’s reviews are also great. They accommodate their customers exceptionally well and always deliver on their promises.



    Make sure that you partner with a good supplier if you want to ensure the success of your business in the future. We hope that our list was helpful to you. Feel free to check out each company’s website to know more about them.

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